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Replacement of all the Existing Electronics
for Knife and Clamp Control
Are the original knife and clamp control electronics become obsolete or just too expensive to repair? This can be your option to increase reliability to an old machine.
Replace your obsolete electronics by a set of new light barriers, industry standard, 2 hand timer, knife delay timer and PLC Unit in one complete package. Couple that with a backguage computer and all original electronics are replaced.
Completed Cut control Module
Completed Cut Control Module circa 2001
Redundant circuitry to provide the best safety possible
A older style Relay module to replace cut controls
DIGIKUT Positioner and New Light barriers Installed on a 180 Wohlenberg Guillotine.


Replacement light barriers used with our cut controls circa 2002.
Installed cut control with 2 air blowers and Main Motor Soft Start circa 2012