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DIGIKUT Backguage Controllers
DIGIKUT systems have 3 Different designs,
DIGIKUT, DIGIKUT Jr and the DIGIKUT Positioner

The DIGIKUT has all the functions needed for a Backguage controller. It is a 3 Phase drive 220vAC or 380vAC,an 80 characters green LCD BACKLIT display. including the ability to store 999 Programs,10,000 cut positions, Air table control,Language options, three different measuring modes. Inches, Decimal/inches or Metric, millimeters. DIGIKUT Jr. is a scaled down version of the DIGICUT system above. it has the ability to store 99 Programs with 99 cut marks in each program. inches/fractions inches/decimal or Metric. The DIGIKUT Positioner is a singe position automatic backguage controller. Which sizes can be expressed in fraction Inches/decimal inches and Metric